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Block Invasion - Survival FPS

1.02 usd

Welcome to Block Invasion, full of zombies and enemies who all want to… eat you.You must survive! Think strategically and don't put your gun down, not even for a moment!As you progress, The number of enemies constantly increases to the point you will be frantically fighting for survival amongst hordes of zombies.The walking dead will swarm you, and it is your choice to either run or fight back.Do not let your guard down or you will surely be eaten.Destroy zombies to earn points and power-ups, Choose from a selection of guns in the shop to help aid the fight against the living dead.GREAT FEATURES:- Amazing weapons! Pistol, MP40, Shotgun and more! Try to collect them all!Unlimited map possibilities - Randomly generated level, every time!If you are a fan of Survivalcraft - you need to try this amazing FPS!In upcoming updates you will be able to play different game modes, new enemies, new weapons and more!(You are paying for the FULL version of this game, not a bad lite/demo version)
Block Invasion is not associated with Mojang (Creators of Minecraft)